Drive From Wheelchair

We are very proud to offer this vehicle for tuition, which we believe to be the only one available in the UK.  It is based upon a Mercedes Sprinter which is fitted with a range of both simple and complex adaption systems.

  • Direct wheelchair access, if you do not a power chair we can provide one for driving lessons


  • Internal transfer to 6 way power chair


  • Push/pull hand controls


  • Lightened power steering


  • Full Paravan Space Drive. This system enables single 4 way joystick, dual 2 way joysticks, 3 or 6 turn mini steering wheel, electronic gas and brake, tiller steering with thumb operated accelerator and brake controls


  • Lodgesons ‘Blipper’ system, Lodgesons mini keypad and Lodgesons 13 way secondary controls


  • Additional side view CCTV cameras for those with very limited neck movement


  • This vehicle is fitted with both dual brakes for the instructor and a Space Drive instructors panel, which enables control to be taken any time for client safety.


Please contact us for a chat about what your needs are and how we can help you.