Driving with a disability

DRTN is an experienced supplier of driver training to the disabled community, and is a member (and director) of disabilitydrivinginstructors.com. We work independently with our customers to support their needs, whether cognitive or physical and, if required, we are generally able to supply a suitable vehicle to train in. DRTN is a contractor for the British School of Motoring who presently supply driver training for those who qualify for the Motability scheme.

Rather than bore everyone with all the information that is available please see our links page to help you find advice in relation to your needs, or please free to contact us directly. We love what we do and are here to help.

This is a basic list of some of the vehicle adaptions we have available at present:

  • Left Foot Accelerator
  • Push/Pull hand controls
  • 13 way Lodgesons secondary control system
  • Easy release parking brake and easy release gear selector (in the case of the electric car these are both push button!)
  • Pedal Pal pedal extension system
  • Menox Stamp remote pedal system, suitable for both manual and automatic vehicles
  • Secondary control extension and cross over bars
  • A variety of additional mirrors for reduced head movement in observation

We also have the UK’s only available full Drive from Wheelchair ‘High Tech’ driver-training vehicle based upon a Mercedes Sprinter, its specification includes:

  • Direct wheel chair access, if you do not a power chair we can provide one for driving lessons
  • Internal transfer to 6 way power chair
  • Push/pull hand controls
  • Lightened power steering
  • Full Paravan Space Drive. This system enables single 4 way joystick, dual 2 way joysticks, 3 or 6 turn mini steering wheel, electronic gas and brake, tiller steering with thumb operated accelerator and brake controls
  • Lodgesons ‘Blipper’ system, Lodgesons mini keypad and Lodgesons 13 way secondary controls
  • Additional side view CCTV cameras for those with very limited neck movement
  • This vehicle is fitted with both dual brakes for the instructor and a Space Drive instructors panel, which enables control to be taken any time for client safety.