Driver & Rider Training Nottingham

Welcome to Driver and Rider Training Nottingham (DRTN). We are a well-established driving school based in the Ashfield area but also covering Nottingham and (with the adapted vehicles), most of the East Midlands!

We offer a professional and informative service, which is supported by the feedback from our clients. Our aim to safely prepare you for a lifetime of driving on today’s busy roads, and of course to equip you to pass your driving test.

Our driver training vehicles are modern and well maintained and include manual, automatic and adapted vehicles. We are very keen to support environmental issues where possible & do have both electric and Plug In Electric Vehicles (PHEV) available, which our clients love as they are so smooth and easy to drive.

Why driver & rider training?

Driver and Rider training offer a friendly and professional service in all aspects of learning to drive we also provide advanced rider training for the motorbike rider who wants that extra challenge.

Key points you should consider when choosing your instructor:
Are they fully qualified?
A fully qualified Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) should display a green licence when teaching.
A trainee Driving Instructor should display a pink licence when teaching, Trainees are not allowed to charge you for tuition but they may ask you for a contribution towards the costs of fuel etc.
All of our instructors are fully qualified and registered with the Driving Standards Agency they have also taken and passed an advanced driving test.

Have they completed any additional training?
Most instructors will complete the DSA tests required to teach learners but will undertake no further training.
All of our Instructors have taken and passed both the IAM’s and ROSPA’s advanced driving tests, they have all achieved Gold in the ROSPA test. The ROSPA test is one of the hardest driving or riding tests that you can take.

50% of our instructors have taken and passed the Queen Elizabeth’s foundation teaching people with disabilities to drive test.

How many lessons on average do customers take to pass there test?
Remember everyone learns at a different rate so no one can say for sure how many hours training it will take before you are ready to drive unaccompanied. An unscrupulous instructor will want you to have as many lessons as he or she can get away with even if you don’t require them our Guaranteed pass page will give you an idea of the number of hours different age groups may require.
In our experience the less you pay per hour the more hours you will require.
The majority of our customers will take and pass the test within 30 hours of tuition.

How much per hour and do you offer and discounts?
Remember the old saying “you get what you pay for”
Most instructors will offer a discount for block bookings etc.
We offer a wide range of money saving offers click here for details

Please have a look around the site or give us a call.